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3 Quick Tips for Every Property Owner

Are you a new homeowner? Settled into your forever home? Perhaps you help your kids or your parents take care of their house? Or maybe you manage investment properties?

Regardless of your answer to the questions above, home maintenance is something that often takes a back seat to nearly everything else in today's hectic world. Additionally, many of us have tried our hand at DYI projects and soon after starting, wished we hadn't because it was either too expensive, the project did not measure up to our expectations or it chipped away at our already limited quality time-typically, for much longer than we had anticipated or some combination of the three.

We would all probably agree that HOUSE problems are often addressed because there is an indication that “something is wrong”. Let's face it, the average homeowner has probably taken their house for granted from time to time. They probably can't tell you the last time they checked for a potential issue- just because it was the first day of Fall, for example. The fact is, few are prepared for the costly consequences of simply not remembering or even know what to be on the look out for...

So what can we do?

Here are 3 tips from your all- inclusive friendly neighborhood home improvement company- HOUSEWELL:

1. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance is the key to a healthy house. A healthy house can keep the people you care about from developing a variety of allergies or from becoming ill (or worse). In these uncertain times, the pandemic has taught us all about the way germs spread and how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. While the entire planet continues to scramble to figure out how to stop the spread of Covid 19 (or even seasonal flu, the common cold) it can all start at home!

2. Do your research

-Prior to starting any projects be sure to have an action plan.

-Weigh the pros and cons of taking the project on.

-Estimate supply costs.

-Ask yourself how much your time is worth.

3. Get a free estimate

Getting a free estimate will help you see if the DYI option should be 86'd right off the bat. Many DYI projects start out appearing less expensive, but our experts can do them right- in a much more timely manner and your free time just might be better spent with your family or friends.

Don't worry- Get your HouseWell

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